Criminal Lawyer

A criminal case is a kind of court proceeding in which the defendant is tried for a procedure that is assumed to be unlawful according to the state’s legislature or the government. Criminal cases commonly begin after the person is arrested and informed of their charges, usually at a hearing known as an indication. Examples are murder, assault, theft, and drunken driving. In regards to criminal cases, the defendant is always considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a state prosecutor. Extensive criminal cases are tried by a judge in the presence of a jury and may result in sentences under criminal law. Such sentences could comprise jail time as well as fines.

How our Criminal Lawyer helps you?

Our Criminal lawyers defend the individuals who have been impeached for committing a crime. They execute analysis and research and present their findings in court to negotiate a plea deal or settlement or gain the defendant’s freedom. Our criminal justice lawyers are trained to evaluate cases and evidence for drawbacks, misconceptions, and potential criminal defence strategies that can be used to argue for a case dismissal, deduction of charges, or even avoid a case from being filed.

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