How it safeguards the interests of tenants and landlord

Let’s know a few facts before “RENT A HOUSE IN WEST BENGAL”

It’s crucial to have a written agreement between owners and tenants to law to protect both parties interests. An oral contract isn’t legally binding, and no one should settle for it. Before you rent a home (either as a landlord or as a renter ), you need to keep an eye out for many things that guarantee you a safe trade.

What’s a Rental Deal?

In India, renting or renting out of almost any land for residential or industrial purposes will expose various regulations and rules. For example, underneath regulations, it’s crucial to own a written agreement between both parties enumerating all terms and property conditions. An agreement reached with no explicitly placed on paper may be considered a legal contract in this circumstance. — Any changes whatever type of rectification also has to be placed on paper. -The agreement has to be registered and stamped. With no legal lease arrangement, both the landlord and the renter’s obligations and rights can’t be imposed or protected for legal reasons. Thus, it’s always wise to request a legal professional’s aid at building this kind of agreement because of many complexities are involved, particularly for commercial rental.

We need to know some legal facts

Before renting a house, it is necessary to get a house rental agreement from a Notary Advocate first. This will help if there is any misunderstanding between the landlord and the tenant in the future.

Rental agreement

What are the reasons a landlord can evict a tenant?

  • This is stated in Sections 17 (D) and 25.
  • Thermal landlords can evict tenants for multiple reasons, but the following factors are mainly considered.
  • Eviction orders/decrees are usually issued by the court once the evidence for these reasons is proper.
  • Keep in mind, however, those landlord-tenant problems are so sensitive that the reasons for the lack of evidence take on a more complex shape and move away from the main issue. The following is a summary of the reasons given below.
  • Inconsistent behavior of the tenant which causes annoyance to the concerned neighbors.
  • Despite repeated requests, no transformation was noticed. The landlord will be forced to take recourse to the court for such behavior.
  • Tenant, in return for rent if any harmful work, offensive use, destruction, abolition, lack of perfection of use.
  • Damage to the rented part and the property as a whole due to the negligence of the tenant.
  • Some use of obstructive living.
  • Use of rented parts for anti-social work.
  • Use of part taken for any other reason without permission.
  • Renting a sub-tenant without permission.
  • The house needs to be vacated for renovation work.
  • To vacate the house for the landlord’s own use.
  • Changes or other needs that cannot be made unless properly emptied.
  • Not getting the house rent within the stipulated time.
  • Not getting at least two months of rent due within a year
  • Not to vacate the house even after giving the notice to vacate.
  • In addition, although the liability of the tenant is acknowledged as the liability of the tenant, if the liability is denied, the landlord can apply for eviction of the tenant with the help of higher authorities.
  • If a government employee lives in a house in need of employment, but his own house is full, he can apply to vacate his own house after receiving a notice from the government to vacate the house.

Keep in mind that the court cannot order you to leave the house if there is an error in paying the rent. The court may then order appropriate evidence on other matters. After taking charge, the landlord himself or the employee in charge will be obliged to pay the rent receipt in writing. Suppose the receipt is not handed over after receiving the money. In that case, the landlord will be obliged to compensate the tenant through the Rent Controller.
The description of a clear vision of each of the issues that may cause problems in the future, what will be the role of both, or what kind of solution will emerge in it, simplifies many complex issues.

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