Any property considering which an offence occurs to have been devoted or which appears to have been utilized for the commission of any offence. When such property is implicated in the commission of an offence or is the subject matter of an offence, the same is known as a property case.

Property signifies dominion or right of use, control, and propensity, which one may legally practice over things, objects, or land. One of the essential dividing lines between property is that between real property and personal property. Disputes about a property frequently occur through claims from legal heirs, co-owners, conflicts over easement rights, false representation by the seller, inappropriate description of the property in the title deed, etc.

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Our Property lawyers can assist you with negotiations, due diligence, litigation, foreclosures, deed transfers, and coordination with lending agents or any other parties involved in the sale of a property. Our Property dispute lawyers are experts in the resolution of conflicts between two parties in a variety of property issues. Conflicts can be found in both commercial and residential property agreements, and maybe disputes between a landlord and tenant or between a buyer, seller and developer in a transaction.

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