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Lawyers Panel helps you to find legal solutions for your case. Our expert lawyer in Kalna, Chinsurah, Kolkata, and Katwa will give you legal solutions below.

The civil lawyer deals with disputes land between Individuals and Organizations. Civil Law deals in non-criminal cases that mainly focus on property and legal claims, Injunctions, Declaration, partition, Recovery, Mesne Profits, defamation.

Criminal lawyers specialize in defense of individuals who have been accused of committing a crime. Criminal lawyer mainly focuses on offenses, regulate the apprehension, charging, and trial of suspected persons, and fixes penalties.

Divorce Lawyers offer comprehensive, trustworthy services and solutions. Our Divorce lawyer deals in online legal advice and online legal services of divorce proceedings or marital issues |, maintenance, DV Act cases, 498 A.

Banking and finance law concerns everything money-related, from personal loans to corporate business deals, stock purchases and investments, services of Negotiable Instruments Act cases, DRT matters, and tax audits of bank accounts.

We provide well-drafted & duly attested affidavits to our valuable clients as per their requirements. We offer different purposes of Affidavits like Passport, Driving License, Name Change, Date of Birth, Residence, Anti Ragging, Etc.

Our lawyers provide Trusted legal advice regarding agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial in Kalna, Katwa, Chinsurah, Purba – Bardhaman, and Kolkata. We offer services like Land Lord /Tenant, Mortgage, Will/Trust, Property issues.

We offer legal consultancy for court marriage, Hindu Marriage, Muslim Marriage, Christian Marriage, Sikh Marriage, Etc. We are known as the best Marriage Lawyer in Kalna, Katwa, Chinsurah, Purba – Bardhaman, and Kolkata.

We have provided a broad spectrum of services, including Immigration Law Services, to our Valuable prestigious clients. We provide skilled lawyers, trusted, and experienced. They will help you to get satisfactory results.

Our lawyer helps you to protect Civil rights, guarantees of equal social opportunities, and equal protection under the law regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics
under Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955.

Our top Corporate lawyers in Kolkata, Hooghly, Kalna and Krishnanagar ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, including all legal issues surrounding a corporation.

The Education Lawyer works for non-profit organizations, the government, or private, public firms. Lawyers deal with school issues, access to high-quality education for all children, and provide for greater access to higher education.

Our Employment lawyer is here to protect every individual in the working world. The Employment Rights Act 1996 governs the area of employment law. Employment lawyers help explain the client’s rights to them.

Family lawyers are legal experts that specialize in matters to do with family law. They handle legal problems that are concerned with members of the family. Family Lawyers like to help clients understand their position and resolve any issues.

A real estate attorney helps to ensure the legal transfer of property from seller to purchaser. These attorneys handle tasks like drawing up Documents, negotiating Sweet Deals, reviewing Sales Transactions,  and many more.

Lawyers Panel Attorneys specialize in this area handle cases from inception through appeal. We provide legal advice and representation to clients who have been injured in an accident or  psychological injury, as well as financial loss.

Tax attorneys, deals with the laws and regulations that govern and prepare submissions before the Tax authorities and the appellate administrative rules the tax process. Tax lawyers in private practice assist both individuals and businesses.

Lawyers Panel cyber lawyers are responsible for handling criminal matters on the internet or cyberworld. The cyber lawyer deals with the case related to hacking, cracking, credit card frauds, malfunction viruses, threats and many more.

Lawyers Panel copyright protects the owner’s right to profit from their work. They might profit by making copies of their work and selling it. The trademark attorney helps you choose a trademark after ensuring compliance with the legal norms.


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